Alberta Women Entrepreneurs

Alberta Women Entrepreneurs


Letter of Support for Celebration of Achievement Nominee – Margaret Adu




December 9,2013


My name is Donna Gravistin; I am currently a Health Educator for Aomega Group Inc. I have had the pleasure of working with Margaret for the past 4 years both personally and professionally. It is an incredible honor to be writing this letter to strongly express my full support for her nomination for Alberta Women Entrepreneurs Award.


From the first day I was introduced to Margaret I was impressed by her very dynamic, charismatic, and confident manner by which she presented herself. For the past four years this has not changed and anyone who has or will have the opportunity to connect with her will be instantly amazed by her demeanor.


Her vision is “Excellence Without Compromise” and she is extremely passionate, committed and dedicated to her vision. She practices “Servant Leadership” – serving others – including employees, clients and their families, and the community while balancing her busy family life. The quality, consistency, and integrity by which she operates her homes instills a high level of expectations from all staff to promote safe, compassionate, competent and ethical client care. Not only does she continually strive to make Aomega an outstanding organization through innovation, team input and support, she also promotes the whole Industry. She supports positive change that impacts her organization and the Industry at large, by raising the bar and being an active participant within the Health Region.


She is highly respected within her field and is a role model, leader and mentor to her colleagues, and is the President of the Personal Care Home Operators Association. Her tremendous energy motivates and inspires others to bring their best and be successful as well. Her unique leadership abilities has resulted in Aomega organization growing from 1- 6 homes.


In all my varied nursing positions over many years, my association with Margaret and the Aomega organization has definitely been the most rewarding positive experience in my career both personally and professionally.





Donna Gravistin, RN/RHCP