Jodi Besler

December 12, 2013


Jodi Besler

104 Hendon Drive NW

Calgary, AB T2K1 Y8


Dear AWE Committee:


I am writing to express my support for the selection of Margaret Adu as the AlbertaWomen Entrepreneur who inspires, leads, and motivates.

I have known Margaret Adu for approximately 3 years. I am a Registered Nurse who works on contract with her organization AomegaGroup Inc. My role is the Regulated Health Care Professional Educator for her staff. Aomega Group Inc. has 6 homes, 3 in South Calgary and 3 in North Calgary. As the educator in the 3 North homes, there are times I request extra materials for the homes or to attend a seminar to further the professionalism in the homes. Margaret is a forward-thinker and does not hesitate tofulfill those needs.


Margaret is an outstanding leader in supportive living/community care. In the various committee’s I belong and meetings and seminars I attend, I repeatedly hear of how Margaret has made a positive impact in the history of Private Care Homes. She has been an advocate for better regulations, clear policies, and fair compensation for her employees. She follows through on her mission; “Excellence without Compromise”. She pays attention to evidence based research and will change Aomega’s ways of working to ensure best practice. This makes her an extraordinary role model in the industry.


Aomega makes a positive impact in many peoples lives. In my 19 years as a nurse working in a variety of settings, I can confidently say her Private Care Homes providecompassionate, personal, top quality care. This makes a huge impact on her clients and their families. Also, her dynamic supportive leadership allows her staff to thrive intheir roles providing great job satisfaction. Lastly, she has sponsored many of her staffand their family members to come to Canada. Of course, this is invaluable to them.


I whole-heartedly recommend Margaret Aduto be granted Alberta Women Entrepreneur of the year. I would be happy to answer any further questions.




Jodi BeslerRN, CDE, GNC(C)